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We Democratize marketing by giving the benefit of the top 1% of social media users to the other 99%.

For Brands, this means that you can harness the power of Word of Mouth on social media - at scale.

For Users, this means that you can connect with your favorite brands and be rewarded for the content that you share.


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Join the world’s leading brands in turning your advocates into a powerful marketing force.

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Brandie can offer brands a massive opportunity to customise their messaging more than ever before, engaging an army of influencers, instead of just a handful.

Brandie is a Sweden-based crowd marketing platform that is also the world's first social media loyalty program.

Brandie have developed a disruptive model where consumers promote the brand they love on social media...

What we do

Brandie’s Crowd Marketing technology was researched and developed in Sweden by behavioral scientists and engineers. The goal has been to carefully convert customers into brand ambassadors, at scale, and be able to give them meaningful rewards for their loyalty. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we make it possible for brands to implement successful & smart UGC campaigns.

Brandie has analyzed over half a million user-generated photos across the globe to perfect customer advocacy and drive UGC on social media. This massive amount of knowledge on customer habits and photo-sharing behavior has given us a proven track record of guiding our clients to success. Brandie's unique technology has been tailored around scalable AI solutions to enable social media marketing campaigns at scale.

Led by serial entrepreneurs and former executives from companies like IKEA, Oriflame, Gionee, and H&M. Brandie is built on the bedrock of key insights from years of marketing expertise in both traditional as well as digital marketing channels.

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92% of consumers online trust content from friends and family above all other forms of brand messages.

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